About Sloan Coffee Roasting

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Welcome to Sloan Coffee Roasting!

My name is Matt, and I am the passionate coffee roaster behind Sloan Coffee Roasting. Our journey began as a simple quest for exceptional coffee, and it has evolved into a thriving micro-roastery dedicated to the art of small-batch coffee roasting.

What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a true calling. With a background in engineering and a love for cooking, I found myself drawn to the technical intricacies of coffee roasting. The process of fine-tuning each roast to unlock the unique characteristics of the beans became a delightful challenge I eagerly embraced. For the past 2.5 years, I have dedicated myself to honing my craft and perfecting the art and science of coffee roasting.

At Sloan Coffee Roasting, we specialize in small-batch roasting. This approach allows us to give each coffee the individual care and attention it deserves, bringing out its distinct flavors and aromas. We understand that coffee enthusiasts crave variety and exploration, which is why we roast a different coffee (or two!) every week, offering our customers an exciting journey through the captivating world of specialty coffee. All of this ensures that when you enjoy a cup of Sloan Coffee, you experience the vibrant and nuanced flavors that only freshly roasted beans can deliver.

We take pride in our focus on single-origin coffees, sourcing beans from different regions renowned for their unique flavor profiles. Every batch receives meticulous attention because we deeply value the stories and efforts of the dedicated coffee farmers and workers who cultivate and harvest these beans. We recognize that each coffee holds the essence of their hard work and expertise, and it is our responsibility to honor their craftsmanship by ensuring that their labor and dedication shine through in every bag we deliver.

Join us on this remarkable coffee adventure. Savor the craftsmanship of small-batch roasting, discover the hidden flavors of single-origin coffees, and experience the joy that comes with a truly delicious cup of coffee.

Thank you for choosing Sloan Coffee Roasting. We look forward to sharing our passion for exceptional coffee with you.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries!